Pentatonic Scale's E-mail
Written by Administrator on Sunday, 21 August 2011 20:21   

The best way to learn these scales is in 3 steps.   The first is to memorize the entire scale from the low E string to the high E string.  The second thing to learn is the major and minor scales within this scale shape. Each of these scales are outlined with blue and red colors. The last thing to work on is memorizing the notes in the scale and understanding how to use them when improvising over a chord progression.

 C Major and A Minor
 G Major and E Minor
 D Major and B Minor
A Major and F♯ Minor
 E Major and C♯ Minor
 B Major and G♯ Minor  F♯ Major and D♯ Minor
C♯ Major and A♯ Minor
 A♭Major and F Minor E♭Major and C Minor
 B♭Major and G Minor
F Major and D Minor


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