"I am a near senior citizen and a brand new guitar player. Shawn has been my teacher from the beginning. I now know that any real effort to learn to play the guitar requires a variety of exercises and practice methods as well as a source of quick reference for chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. I have sampled a lot of different teaching cites but nothing is as comprehensive or, for me, as understandable in its instruction as guitarreferenceguide.com. Shawn is a wonderful, patient teacher and guitarreferenceguide.com is a perfect student resource for anyone serious about learning to play and playing the guitar. I congratulate Shawn for creating this most useful teaching tool."
-Rodney Perlman
Malibu, CA

"I've been taking guitar lessons from Shawn for quite some time. Aside from the fact that he's a superb teacher and a lot of fun, he's put together a great web site, called www.guitarreferenceguide.com. The site, because of the way it is laid out, combined with Shawn's narration and excellent video technique, has helped me to learn such things as various new scales ,chords and soloing techniques. It's a tremendous asset to anyone looking to improve their guitar playing skills. It has also helped me to gain a coherent understanding of musical structure."
-Frank Lutz
Venice, CA

"I am a fifth grade elementary school teacher in Los Angeles.A few months ago I let two of my students, twin brothers, play my guitar at lunchtime. To my amazement I realized that they were musically gifted. Their shared guitar was hopelessly wrecked, so I bought them a relatively inexpensive electric guitar and an amplifier. They both began to practice with me at recess, lunchtime, and after school. They often spoke of their dream to form a band and play professionally. Their dream inspired me to start teaching guitar even though I am not musically trained nor a very competent player. But what the heck....I started by teaching these two young boys and now my rock and roll band class has swollen to ten guitars, two basses, and a really awesome electric drum set. Thank goodness I have a truly gifted teacher in Shawn Fleming. His very important contribution to my band class is his guitar lesson website on the Internet. His guitarreferenceguide.com has saved me and my students virtually every day. All my fledgling ten and eleven year old rockers spend hours a week learning chords, scales, arpeggios, and songs on this invaluable teaching site. The lessons are clear, succinct, and geared to all kinds of players. It's even easy for me, a young kid at 62, to navigate this site. This is the best learning instructional tool in my arsenal. My hats off to Shawn, his website, and his inspirational teaching style." Rock on!
-Bobby Bendall
Santa Monica, CA